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Birchwood Medical Practice

Birchwood Medical Practice

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Birchwood Dispensary


Birchwood dispensary is situated within the surgery, directly in front of the main entrance. We usually have two dispensers available daily to help with any questions or collections, but as many of you will be aware, we can be very busy at times. We are always grateful for your patience.


Our opening hours are:

Monday to Friday: 8am – 6pm


The current prescription charge is £9.15 per item. If possible, we would prefer payment to be made by card. If you have an exemption or you pay yearly for your medication we will need to see your exemption card to make a note of this on your records. We will need to see it again after it has been renewed to record the new expiry date. If you would like more information on exemptions or pre-payment certificates, please speak to a dispenser.


To order your repeat medication, please:

  • use the prescription box situated in the entrance to the surgery
  • speak to one of the dispensers
  • use the online service (you will need a password for this available from a receptionist)
  • Ring our repeats line: 01692 406885

If you are a dispensing patient and you struggle to remember when you need to order your medication each month we can now order this for you and give you a collection date to put in your diary. Please speak to a dispenser who will help set this automatic facility up for you.


We are aware that some patients struggle to open the packaging of their medication or don’t remember to take their medication each day. To help with this we are able to offer Dosette boxes which are designed for easy access and the medication is clearly laid out for patients. You will be given 4 trays, each containing a weeks medication: Monday to Sunday - morning, midday, evening and bed. Again please speak to a dispenser if you would like to receive this service.


We do ask that you allow 48 hours (two full working days not including Bank Holidays or weekends) for your medication to be dispensed.


If you require your medication early if you are going on holiday, or you require a double amount due to the length of your holiday, please speak to a receptionist or a dispenser or leave a note with your repeat slip.

If using the repeats line, please remember:

  • Your name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Date of birth
  • And you where you would like to collect your prescription from.

If you live within a mile of a chemist, please remember that you can choose a designated pharmacy - either Boots, Well or North Walsham Pharmacy. We can send your prescription directly to them to be dispensed to save you having to collect a paper prescription from us.


Please note that if you live less than a mile from the surgery, will are currently unable to dispense your medication.


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